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What triggered your interest in Recycling items that we cannot put in our home recycling?
I have always wanted to do my bit as far as ‘saving the planet’ goes but only in the last few years have I started to really make more of an effort. I started making Eco Bricks about 3 years ago after reading about it on social media, after a while I couldn’t find anyone who would take the Eco Bricks. I hated the idea of going back to putting all the plastics in the bin so I started looking for alternatives. I remembered seeing something on a Crisp packet that said “recycle with Terracycle”. I then found Alison on Facebook who collected hard to recycle recyclables through Terracycle. She had collection points in Launceston so I started to save my crisp packets and chocolate wrappers and drop them off whenever I headed in that direction. Over a couple of years, I started to save more and more. I wanted to introduce more people to the scheme and so, at the end of last year, I decided to get involved myself and set up collection points locally. 

I understand that your collections raise funds for charity. 
Which charity does your group support?
All the recycling is sent away to various programs and the weight of the items are turned into money for a chosen charity. We collect for ‘Kicks Count’.

Can you tell us how much plastic waste you have been able to divert from landfill or incineration since you have been involved?
I have only been involved for about three months but already I have helped collect about 50kg of recycling. We hope this will keep on increasing as more people learn about us. 

And, what happens to the items you collect?
Once the items are sent away to the program collectors they are turned into all sorts of different items such as park benches. 

Where can people drop off items for recycling?
Items can be dropped off at:

  • Recycling bins in Bude near the Neetside Methodist church.
  • Om Bamboo, a new plant based shop in Bude centre are also collecting for us as well as Dragonfly who accept craft recycling.
  • All the P’s in Stratton are collecting. 
  • A lady has a recycling bin outside her house in Kilkhampton. 
  • And I accept items at my home in Marhamchurch. 

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